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Commitment to the Community

At Singh, we believe that long-term entrepreneurial success is only possible when we’re able to create higher standards of living and improve the quality of life in the communities in which we operate. In addition, to be a well-rounded Corporate Citizen, we must also preserve profitability for stakeholders.


We strive to be this role model through our international, regional, and local projects in the societies and communities in which our company is surrounded. With the help of our engaging employees, we not only contribute to an improvement in the living conditions of the poor, we’re able to implement area-wide, long-term social activities.

Singh’s Education Initiative

Education is the fundamental building block for the future success of every child on the planet. When Singh invests in the education of young people, we are advancing the development, sustainability, and overall wealth of society. Singh’s education program embraces regional, national, and international activities for students ranging from preschool to graduate programs. It is our goal to help cultivate and support tomorrow’s talented science and technology leaders.Support of education helps translate our societal responsibility into sustainable progress. And finally, Singh also embraces hiring highly-qualified young people globally, in order to assure the future of our own success.



Singh’s Caring Hands

Our charitable initiative, Singh Caring Hands comprises global volunteerism, social involvement, and disaster relief. We support social assistance projects for vulnerable societal groups using both practical work and financial support. In addition, we contribute emergency relief to ease the suffering of those in need. Caring Hands gives us the ability to combine our social endeavors and the personal initiatives of our employees to better serve our communities.



Community Relations

In order to support out two global programs, we aim to reach out and increase relationships with all of our community neighbors. When it comes to local and regional interests, Singh designs its themes and projects to mutually beneficial. We instill broad, trusting dialogue to involve partners from all public institutions, municipalities, and civil societies, in order to fully integrate our company into the surrounding culture.


We will continue to contribute to the shaping of our future, as well as that of our local communities. Furthermore, by developing sustainable strategies to meet the needs of society, both today and in the future, we’ll continually grow in our role as a Corporate Citizen.

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