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When we shipped our first order in March 2002, we began pushing ourselves to be one of the world’s largest independent distributors. And today, most of ODMs, CMs, top computer brands, all over the world place their trust in Singh to manage critical shortages and excesses in their supply chains.


The reason we’ve had such success is because we remain committed to our core values. They allow us to drive local market success by keeping the mindset of an entrepreneur that needs to challenge local competition as if we were a “small” company.


We always work act now, and with a sense of urgency. By never putting work off until “tomorrow,” we’re showing our customers that what we do is a true passion.


With dedication comes the importance of setting targets and being a leader. That means staying true to our goals by prioritizing, simplifying, and focusing on plans that provide clear, accountable results.


Competition is wonderful, but it also means treating everyone fairly and with dignity. Our success means nothing if we cannot continue to operate with integrity and honesty. Every individual, no matter if they’re a customer or a rival, is important and such be viewed as such.


Change is constant. And as the markets we compete constantly evolve, so too will our strategies, tactics, products, and services. Nevertheless, our corporate values will always persist because they are the reason we’ve gotten this far, and why we’ll succeed long into the future. Our corporate values will enable us to build a business that will thrive for as long as we hold true to their words.


No matter what, Singh will continue to help customers build their businesses, assist employees in building their futures, and ensure stockholders build wealth and find success in their humanitarian endeavors.



Manjit Kaur

CEO and President

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